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Sales: Empowerment Services

Marketing is a powerful tool for increasing revenue.  Project a sharp, professional image with the support of Citrel Marketing that helps empower and drive sales.

Sales Resources 


Set your business apart with a well-equipped sales team.  Citrel Marketing provides professional, polished sales collateral to reinforce your brand messaging and image.  


  • Corporate introduction packages

  • Sales slide presentations

  • Brochures

  • Promotional materials

  • Product datasheets and spec sheets


CRM Solutions


Bring clarity to your sales processes.  Citrel Marketing will support your businesses implementation, upkeep, and optimization of CRM software.


  • CRM development and programming:  

Develop CRM interface to capture the essential data

  • System Alignment:  

Ensure system build is consistent with business needs

  • Improve Utilization Rates:  

Consulting services to improve your company's return on investment in CRM software

  • Reporting and Dashboards:  

Build dynamic reports and graphs representing key business metrics

  • Team Training:  

Develop and instruct training for all levels of users

  • Ongoing support and help-desk service:  

Help every user feel comfortable with using the CRM

Citrel Marketing helps your company optimize CRMs, ensuring that the system is properly calibrated to collect relevant data in a user-friendly environment.

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